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Baden-Baden Boogie Nights - Annual festival.
Blues & Stuff - Just that . . . Blues & LOTS of stuff.
Blues @ Midnight - Lots of Blues info & an online gig guide.
Blues Freepress - "The World's Favourite Online-only Blues Magazine" incorporating a global Blues links directory.
Blues Matters - UK Blues magazine. - The Dutch Boogie-woogie portal . . . English language option too. - French site with English option, non-commercial site by Boogie-woogie fans for Boogie-woogie fans.
Boogie Promotions Holland - Organisers of Holland's Boogie-woogie festival.
El Boogie-woogie - Very informative web-page in Spanish.
Fizgig Music - Tom & Ali's guide to gigs & events in Lincs & E Mids, UK.
Fontmell Magna International Boogie-Woogie Festival - Annual event.
Gig Lists - UK & Ireland gigs listed by regions.
Honky Tonk Productions - French Boogie-woogie site with English language option.
Indie-Pendant Blues - Mail order catalogue of independent & artists' own releases.
KHP Video - Boogie-woogie & Blues video archive.
New Orleans Jazz - Jan Vollenbronk's full spectrum Jazz site in Dutch . . . includes Boogie-Woogie.
Shake The Lake - Annual festival.
The Blues Board - Gig lists & Blues discussions.
Visual Illustrations - Roy McCoid, artist extraordinaire.
Ye Olde Black Boy - Excellent ale, a fine piano, great atmosphere & BWPS weekly meeting place every Thu.



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