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Make your mark on The Great Boogie-woogie World Map



Membership of the Boogie-Woogie Preservation Society is FREE (gratis) & open to all. To register as a member simply e-mail your 

Name, City & Country. 

Our policy is to never divulge your e-mail address to 3rd parties. 
Members receive preferential booking & substantial discount 
on admission to BWPS special events.

email : 

NAME                                                        CITY                             COUNTRY

John Weston                                                                                Hull                                                 UK
Harry Shapiro                                                                               NY                                                  USA
Bill Johnson                                                                                 London                                             UK
Joanne Bolding                                                                            Nottingham                                       UK
Tom McNeil                                                                                 Edinburgh                                         SCOTLAND
Kathy Phelps                                                                               Liverpool                                           UK
Mike Perry                                                                                  York                                                 UK
Claude LaRue                                                                              Paris                                                FRANCE
Frank Chesney                                                                            London                                             UK
Enrico Ferrer                                                                               Barcelona                                         ESPANA
James Withy                                                                               Coventry                                           UK
Susan Miles                                                                                Exeter                                              UK
Pedro Gomez                                                                              Mexico City                                      Mexico
Alex Fry                                                                                      Bristol                                              UK
Brian Mayor                                                                                Chicago ILL                                       USA
Phil Deller                                                                                   Reading                                            UK
Jim Pearson                                                                                Birmingham                                       UK
Mary Ball                                                                                    NY                                                   USA
Dimitri Olinski                                                                              Warsaw                                            POLAND
Colin Giles                                                                                  Manchester                                       UK
Alec Sturton                                                                                Glasgow                                           SCOTLAND
Jim Griffiths                                                                                 London                                             UK
Jane Sargent                                                                               Perth                                                AUS
Rasmus Jonsson                                                                         Kobenhaven                                       DK
Graham Nolan                                                                             Exeter                                               UK
Brian Williams                                                                             Hull                                                   UK
Steve Marshall                                                                             Liverpool                                            UK
Brad Owens                                                                                Sydney                                              AUS
Sylvio Bandero                                                                            Torino                                                ITALIA
John Graham                                                                               Brighton                                            UK
Billy Stevens                                                                               Glasgow                                            SCOTLAND
Antonio Gomez                                                                           Madrid                                               ESPANA
Tim Bishop                                                                                 Sydney                                              AUS
Bill Hicks                                                                                    London                                              UK
Tom Smith                                                                                  Bristol                                               UK
Alfred Keppler                                                                             Munchen                                            GER
Laura Keppler                                                                             Munchen                                            GER
Simon Branch                                                                            Coventry                                             UK
Sheila Kerr                                                                                 Milton Keynes                                     UK
Andrew Flint                                                                               Newcastle                                           UK
Phil Thomas                                                                               Vancouver                                           CAN
Casey                                                                                        Nashville TN                                        USA
Peter McKay                                                                              Leicester                                             UK
Robert Faulkner                                                                          Rockford ILL                                        USA
James Mitchell                                                                           Adelaide                                              AUS
Fellipe Martes                                                                            Bogota                                                COL
Dave Steventon                                                                          Stoke on Trent                                     UK
Felix Hansen                                                                             Oslo                                                    NOR
Richard Harrison                                                                        Sydney                                                AUS
Johan Schiller                                                                            Wien                                                   AUT
Morten Pedersen                                                                       Odense                                                DK
Steve Correll                                                                              Birmingham                                          UK
Oskar Fless                                                                               Berlin                                                  GER
Simon Peterson                                                                         London                                                 UK
Finbar O'Hare                                                                             Dublin                                                  EIRE
Israel Ortega Oropeza                                                                 Caracas                                               VENEZUELA
Fabricio Hernandes                                                                     Barcelona                                            ESPANA
Jake Lancaster                                                                           Manchester                                         UK
Neil Lancaster                                                                            Manchester                                         UK
Derrick "Big" Walker                                                                   Stockholm                                          SWE
Shirley Moore                                                                             Kansas City                                        USA
Phil Wakes                                                                                New Orleans                                        USA
Jocelyn Carpenter                                                                       Telford                                                 UK
Eric Smith                                                                                  Truro                                                   UK
James Fletcher                                                                          Chicago                                               USA
Claude de Bogdan                                                                      Berea, OH                                           USA
Bill Newlands                                                                             Aberdeen                                             SCOTLAND
Jill Fuller                                                                                    Chicago                                               USA
Harry Price                                                                                London                                                 UK
William Clyde                                                                            San Francisco                                       USA
Manuel Enriques                                                                        Barcelona                                             ESP
Arthur Payne                                                                             Melbourne                                             AUS
Conrad Wilczec                                                                         London                                                 UK
Timothy Wills                                                                            Oxford                                                   UK
Jim Bogdan                                                                               Sydney                                                 AUS
Anne Jescott                                                                             Liverpool                                                UK
Primo Rodrigues                                                                        Los Angeles                                           USA
James Phillips                                                                           Edinburgh                                              SCOTLAND
Marianne van Vliet                                                                     Hilversum                                               NL
Rob Lucas                                                                                Cardiff                                                    WALES
Phil McVie                                                                                Dundee                                                  SCOTLAND
Harry Pine                                                                                 New York                                               USA
Victoria Court                                                                            Bodmin                                                   UK
Phillippe Cruz                                                                            Barcelona                                              ESPANA
Paul Berman                                                                             London                                                   UK
Mike Formby                                                                             Hereford                                                 UK
Robert Shelton                                                                          San Antonio                                            USA
James Bart                                                                               London                                                   UK
Richard Lewis                                                                           Brighton                                                  UK
Shirley Lewis                                                                            Brighton                                                  UK
Hans Teljeur                                                                             Heerhugowaard                                        NL
Cheuk Hung Chan                                                                     Neumarkt i.H.                                          AUSTRIA
Richard Moch                                                                           Milton Keynes                                         UK
Anna Marie Kalsboll                                                                  Randers                                                  DK
Fred Blaine                                                                               Toronto                                                   CA
Julie Sims                                                                                 Newcastle                                              UK
Tim Fisher                                                                                 Liverpool                                                 UK
David Datton                                                                             Sheffield                                                  UK
Phil Marsh                                                                                Yeovil                                                      UK
Betty Frazer                                                                              Melbourne                                               AUS
Joe Pilby                                                                                   Manchester                                             UK
Maria Hart                                                                                 York                                                        UK
Josef Hajek                                                                                Reading                                                  UK
Jan Vollenbronk                                                                         Waalwijk                                                  NL
Carlos "Bluesman" Mendes                                                                             Goi‚nia                                                    BRA

The listing is growing . . . add your name in support of The Boogie-woogie Preservation Society . . . email : 

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