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Make your mark on The Great Boogie-woogie World Map
PLAYERS  ( Past & Present )
(To be listed here you need not be a professional but you must be a performing or recording pianist featuring boogie-woogie, Blues or barrelhouse styles.)

Boogie-woogie, the origins….

Boogie-woogie is an original African-American musical art form. Closely related to Blues with equally obscure origins, it's first recorded appearance can be pinpointed . . . Clarence “Pinetop” Smith recorded his “Pinetop’s Boogie-woogie” on 29 Dec 1928. Although this was the first recording with the phrase Boogie-woogie in the title, Albert Ammons had recorded his “Honky Tonk Train Blues”, a Boogie-woogie masterpiece, the previous year. It is widely believed that black pianists were playing a form of fast-bass rhythmical dance music around Texas as early as the 1870’s, this style becoming known as Fast Western. By 1900 this type of music could be heard in many cities of the USA. With it’s driving rhythms, pounding bass figures & it's use of the piano in a very percussive manner, it is reasonable to assert that of all the threads of African-American music, Boogie-woogie is the most African. Clarence “Pinetop” Smith’s recording was named Boogie-woogie because it was released as music for a new dance craze called (surprise surprise) The Boogie-woogie, if  that dance had been given a different name, for example The Shufflebutt, then we would all now be grooving to Shufflebutt piano music with it’s 8 to the bar left hand Shufflebutt patterns instead of Boogie-woogie bass figures. Boogie-woogie music has outlived the dance craze after which it was named & several subsequent ones including The Jive, The Lindyhop, The Jitterbug, The Hand Jive, The Mess-around & others which have relied heavily on music of a Boogie-woogie nature. Boogie-woogie remains a solo pianists’ idiom with the perpetrators gaining status by style, improvisational ability, groove, phrasing & attack. Boogie-woogie fans & those new to the genre will find here every flavour & style presented by past & present masters of the Art Of Improvisational, Syncopational, Two-fisted, Barrelhouse, Blues & Boogie-woogie Piano.



Albert Ammons
Alonzo Yancey
Arizona Dranes
Arthur "Montana" Taylor
"Barrelhouse" Buck McFarland
Black Bob
Blind John Davis
Bob Zurke
Champion Jack Dupree
Charles Cow Cow Davenport
Charlie Bozo Nickerson
Charlie Spand
Clarence Pinetop Smith
Cooney Vaughn
Cripple Clarence Lofton
Curtis Jones
Eddie Boyd
Frankie Newton
Freddie Slack
Georgia Tom Dorsey
Henry "45" Scott
Henry Brown
Hersal Thomas
Herve Duerson
Honey Hill
Ian Stewart
Jabo Williams
Jess Stacy
Jim Clarke
Jimmy Blythe
Jimmy Yancey
John "Big Moose" Walker
Johnny Johnson
Johnny Jones
Josh Altheimer
Lemuel Fowler
Leothus Lee Green
Loomis Gibson
Lewis Johnson
Little Brother Montgomery
Major "Big Maceo" Merriwether
Meade "Lux" Lewis
Memphis Slim
Milas Davis
Milton Lindberg Sparks
Moon Mullican
Otis Spann
Peetie Wheatstraw
Pete Johnson
Piano Red
Rob Hoeke
Romeo Nelson
Roosevelt Sykes
Roy "Professor Longhair" Byrd
Sammy Price
Speckled Red
Sugar Underwood
Sunnyland Slim
Sylvester Palmer
Tampa Red
Turner Parrish
Vanado Anderson
Vernon "Boogie-woogie Red" Harrison
Walter Davis
Walter Roland
Wesley Wallace
Whistlin' Alex Moore
Wiley Pitman
Will Ezell
Willie Anderson
Willie Mabon
Winifred Atwell


Adam "Lux" Hembrough
Al Copley
Al Kilvington
Al Trautman
Andy Potter
Andy Richardson
Ann Rabson
Axel Zwingenberger
"Barrelhouse" Chuck Gowring
Barry Cuda
Bartek Szopiński
Ben Waters
Benny Yee
Bob Hall
Bob "Boogie" Prescott
Bob Welsh
Bobby Lounge
Bobby Page
"Boogie Bertil"
"Boogie" Bill Roberts
Brian Fraser
Brian Priestley
Bruce H Cutts
Carl "Sonny" Leyland
Caroline Dahl
Chris Conz
Chris Nole
Christian Bleiming
Christian Christl
Christian Rannenberg
Christoph Rois
Clemens Vogler
Colin "Barrelhouse" Banagan
Colin Davey
Dan Burnett
Daniel Di Bello
Daniel Smith
Daryl Davis
Dave Camp
David Maxwell
Dieter Thoma
Diz Watson
Dona Oxford
Don Hopkins
Dr Bekken
Edwin Kimmler
Erik-Jan Overbeek
Finn Kalsbøll
Frank Muschalle
Freddy James
Geraint Watkins
Gottfried Boettger
Grant Mactavish
Günther Straub
Hank Curci
Hans Knudsen
Henning Pertiet
Jaap Dekker
Jack Carter
Jacques Covo
James Goodwin
Jean-Paul Amouroux
Jean-Pierre Bertrand
Jean-Pierre Guillaume
Jeff Palfreyman
Jerry Lee Lewis
Jesse Deane-Freeman
Jim Redfarn
John Elstad
John Holtby
John "Left Hand" Diver
Johnny Parker
Johnny Schütten
Jon Sarta
Jools Holland
Jörg Hegemann
Julian Joseph
Justin Bracken
Kenny "Blues Boss" Wayne
Kyle Esplin
Liz Pennock
Marco Andreose
Mark Bell
Mark Brumbach
Markus Brandl
Martijn Schock
Martin Schmitt
Mattias Nordqvist
Michael Fonfara
Michael Kaeshammer
Michael Pewny
Michał Cholewiński
Mike Sanchez
Mitch Woods
Neil Wilde
Nico Brina
Niel Drinkwater
Paddy Milner
Paul Osborne
Pete Fryer
Pete "Sunny" Nash
Philippe LeJeune
Pia Beck
"Pinetop" Perkins
"Porkpie"Pete McKay
"Psycho" Stuart Preston
Quentin "Zillion Fingers" Gannaway
Ralph Bassinger
Ray "Chigwell Fats" Bartrip
Reidar Larsen
Remi Toulon
Renaud Patigny
"Reverend" Joachim Schumacher
Richard "Lips" Lawrence
Richard "Snakehips" O'Donnell
Richie Loidl
Ricky Nye
Rob Rio
Rod Marshall
Roy Young
Sam Caprani
Scott Cushnie
Sid Morris
Silvan Zingg
Simon Thompson
Stefano Franco
Stefan Ulbricht
Steve "Big Man" Clayton
Steve Dore
Stubby Knuckles
Sue Palmer
Terry Butters
Tibor Grasser
Tim Cockerill
Tim Wheals
Tomas Oster
Tony "Doc" Shiels
Ulf Sandstrom
Vince Weber
Wayne "Shakey" Dagenais
Wendy DeWitt
Wim Flohr


Please email if you know anyone we missed

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